Action heros!

I’m not a huge movie-watcher. I have a hard time sitting still, I can’t tell the characters apart because I’m really face-blind, and I’m kind of an elitist. But once in a while, the siren song of two-plus hours of very, very cold air conditioning, an incredulous husband, and no intellectual stimulation lures me. The... Continue Reading →

Who are these people who love running?

Running. Love it, hate it, tolerate it? It can be an acquired taste, for sure. It’s also dynamite exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere. I run, but I’m not a serious runner. I’m not signing up for races on the regular. But I know someone who is— ok, fine, she’s my identical twin. ... Continue Reading →

Mindful mondays: 3 ways to get un-stuck

Does it sound daunting to commit to something every day? It does to me, sometimes. Especially when I get in a rut. You know, a daily-grind, feeling run-down, feeling sorry for myself rut. Ugh.  But think about it. . . that “rut” means I’m not committing to myself. It means I have my priorities out... Continue Reading →

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