Mindful mondays: 3 ways to get un-stuck

Does it sound daunting to commit to something every day? It does to me, sometimes. Especially when I get in a rut. You know, a daily-grind, feeling run-down, feeling sorry for myself rut. Ugh.  But think about it. . . that “rut” means I’m not committing to myself. It means I have my priorities out of whack. We get so used to saying “I don’t have time,” when really what we mean is “that’s not a high priority right now.” I bet I’m not the only one who accidentaly prioritizes an extra half hour of TV, every 5 minute facebook checks, or magazine reading over taking care of myself better.


I need a kick in the pants when that happens. A reminder, a mantra, an easy tool that doesn’t sound like work.

Here it is, folks:

Every day, do 3 things:

1. Something fun


2. Something creative


3. Something for the body.


It’s not a big production. There’s no time requirement. And the only criterion is that it works for you. For me, something fun might be painting my toenails blue, playing frisbee with the dog, putting on “pour some sugar on me” and doing a striptease. Maybe it’s a friend-date, or a new book, or. . .well, it depends what’s fun for you.

Does thinking of something creative seem hard? It doesn’t have to be a production. You don’t need to paint the next Guernica. Maybe you journal or blog for a few mintues. Maybe you doodle, or write a letter, jot down your dream, or a random awesome idea you had in the shower. Maybe you take a picture with your phone when you see something that just looks cool. It’s not about the product— you never have to show what you do to anyone! It’s about taking a moment to cultivate the intention. If you do this every day, you will start to feel more creative just because you are giving yourself permission. Lots of writers and artists have small, daily ways of paying attention— David Sedaris has written alot about his notebooks and journaling, if you’re looking for inspiration. Or start an art journal— look up Dan Eldon and be amazed!

Something for the body is maybe a little easier. A walk— even a 10-minute lunchtime one. Yoga class. Roll out the mat for 10 minutes at home. A massage. A truly nutritious meal. A bath. The gym. A hike. Sex (alone or with a friend). Bike when you might have driven.

That’s it! 3 things. Every day. It’s not that you need more time— you just need to take a few moments, with intention, to take care of yourself. Will you try it?

What's cookin, good lookin?

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