Routines and staying sane

Am I doing a “summer travel” series? I guess I am. I didn’t mean to!So I love adventure and diversion, but deep down, I’m a creature of habit. I can adapt, but if I’m gone for a while, it starts to wear on me. I miss the hubs. I miss the dog. I miss my... Continue Reading →

snack update

Today is day 3 of the conference. I asked, after the day 1 donut debacle, whether there might be better options. Today, there are still pastries. There are still sodas. But, there was also a big bowl of fruit salad-- and it was all gone by 9 AM, while some danish and whatnot still languish.... Continue Reading →

Food for thought (or not).

In addition to being a blogger, a yogi, and a nurse practitioner, I’m a graduate student. (I’m doing doctoral work in nursing). I’m spending this week at the NIH in Bethesda at a research workshop/conference. Academic types do a lot of this type of thing: convene at a hotel or university (or government facility), listen... Continue Reading →

How to fly! (On a plane).

In honor of my second trip this month, and by way of (pathetic) excuse for the interval between posts, I thought I’d offer some advice/thoughts based on my experiences flying. I love to travel, but I’m pretty terrible at tolerating various forms of transportation. I get carsick. . . I can’t read in the car.... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday: Cut the crap— Namaste!

You know that idea that yogis are supposed to be serene and unflappable? That we meet everything with a peaceful “yogi smile” on our faces? Does it drive you crazy because that’s soooo not happening for you? I’ve come to two realizations about this: 1.   Almost no one is always like that, it comes and... Continue Reading →

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