Grill, meet veg.

What did YOU grill on the 4th?

Ok, I probably should have posted this last week. I never said I was smart, beautiful, AND organized, ok? Jeez. It’s a long summer. There’s plenty of time to grill.

the master at work.
the master at work.

We’ve all been there. . . oh, a boca burger! Or, a portobella mushroom? You shouldn’t have! Sigh. The thing is, grilling makes things taste so good. Smokey, crispy, bright and just. . . well, good. So if you aren’t into the whole “meat” things, and you aren’t a cook/don’t have creative veggie friends, you might be kinda bored. But there’s hope! Find something you like to eat. . . You can grill it! Did you know?

we are on fuego!

No more sad sack veggie BBQ’s! Some of these are vegan, some of them can be veganized, all of them are veggie, and all of them are delicious. Ok, you say, but how? What? Who? 


  • Pizza. Toss your naked dough on for a couple of minutes. Top the grilled side. Toss it back on u ntil it’s perfect and crispy. Mmmmm.
  • Pineapple. Make rings, or leave the core in, whatever. Really, that’s it, but if you want to add a little fat, sugar, or rum, that won’t make things worse. Works as dessert OR with the savories— put it on your sandwich with the tofu or the veggie burger of whatever. Thank me later 🙂
  •  Peaches. Cut in half. Finish as above.
  • Polenta! If it’s firm/sliceable, it’s grillable.
  • Asparagus. Easy peasy.
  • Corn on the cob. You can take the silks out and leave the husks on, that’s my favorite way. Do you have limes, cayenne, and cotija? We are now best friends.
  • Radishes.

Cut in half, or smaller, if they’re huge. Make a tinfoil pakcet. Add a little oil, earth balance, or butter, and salt and pepper. Try other herbs if you’re feeling fancy. Throw the whole packet on the grill. It takes a little longer— maybe half an hour. Lovely and mellow!

  •  Brussels sprouts.

hail to the chief, baby.

I’d say boil them for a few mintues first, and then when you’re ready to grill, throw them on to get that perfect char.

  • Homemade veggie burgers. Admittedly, this can be tricky. We’ve all had a sticky, and/or crumbly, situation. I’ve had good luck with: Bitman, Dreena Burton,  and some of the variations from Isa Does It!.  Also, consider doing any of these inside. . . do ‘em in the oven or in the pan. Even finish them on the grill after they’re really “set.”.
  • Homemade veggie sausages. This works way better than the burgers. Use beans, gluten, water, seasinings. You steam them first— they you can slice, grill, whatevs. Once again, Isa knows.
  • Romaine. Did you know you you can grill your salad? you can. You can put the whole head on.
  • Same with endive.
  • And cabbage (green or purple).
  • Kale. A little olive oil. Salt and peper. You need a grill basket, and just a few minutes for a little crisp on the edges. Mmmmmm.
  • Bread! Grilled bread is insanely delicious.
  • Eggplant. Duh, everyone grills eggplant. But it’s so scrumptious if you do it right. It melts in your mouth. Slice it quite thin, so it gets soft, but not tooooo thin, or it just burns. And don’t put it on the hottest spot. Be patient.
  • Potatoes! Imagine potato salad. Now imagine one with divinely crisped, smoky potatoes and veggies in a vinegary dressing with some greens and fresh herbs. Oh lordy. Use little potatoes, cut ‘em into wedges, and use the basket again. I’d say maybe 20 minutes?
  • Green beans. You can do the same salad trick. It’s sweet.
  • Beets. Yes you can. Slice them into rounds. Lay ‘em down. They don’t need to long, depending on how thick your slices are. Have them alone, or put them on/in your sandwich. You know how beets get really sweet when you cook them? That kind of magic is happening here.
  • Haloumi cheese. Have you tried this? Not vegan, I know. It’s cheese. But you can grill it. Brings a whole new meaning to “grilled cheese.” Try it with the grilled bread I told you to make.

I mean, I could keep going. . . I think the moral of the story is that you can grill pretty much anything and it will be delicious. Grilled veggies are also amazing cold, or used on pizza, in pasta, in sandwiches, in salads, garnishing soups. . . it’s hard to screw up. If you get out of the box and start playing around, you won’t need  ideas and recipes— you will be itching to throw everything on the grill. And you’ll be a better (wo)man for it!

Now go to your barbecue. And let me know what other amazing things you come up with!

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  1. Haloumi Cheese is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world. The squeak, the crisp, the salty flavor. I love it all.

    Veggie skewers are amazing and my friend has a sauce that’s maple syrup, ketchup and something else … it is AMAZING. Pineapple on veggie skewers sweetens the deal, literally.

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