Team Smoothie!

Trendy? yeah. Totally awesome anyway? oooooh yeah. 

I prefer smoothies over juices. I’m not trying to stir up shit between the factions here, but I do have some reasons:

  • You can actually get full drinking a smoothie. Maybe some hard-core juice people feel satisfied on juice alone, but most mere mortals just can’t.
  • You eat all the fiber instead of collecting it in your machine to discard. That makes you feel more like you ate/drank something, it slows the sugar-load, and it, well, moves things. You know how I’m always saying we should eat things as close to the way they came as possible? If throw something whole in your blender, you’re gonna drink all of it. Your juicer? You’re missing out. I believe that whole foods come out of the earth pretty darn close to the way we should eat them, not least because we just aren’t that good at understanding what about them is the “good” part. We’ve often tried to single out what it is about a food that’s “healthy,” only to have it fail when isolated. So keep it together!

  • Relatedly, you get more bang for your buck. It takes A LOT of kale to make a little bit of juice. Not so smoothies!
  • You can make entirely vegan, high-nutrition smoothies that taste like milkshakes. Frozen fruit is the key here: bananas and peaches are particularly good creamifiers. (I gave you some ideas on that before!). Add cocoa. Add peanut butter. Add mint. Whatever your jam is.
  • Your blender is not a single-use piece of equiment— a pet peeve of mine (just ask my hubby about the long, hard fight I put up against buying a garlic press). A high-powered blender (vitamix, blendtex, ninja, etc) isn’t just a smoothie machine— it’s a souper, a saucer, a cashew-creamer, and almond-milker. . . does your juicer do that?

Sorry, juice people. I didn’t mean to beat up on you. Juice can be good too, in moderation. It’s hard not to hit the sugar too hard, and it’s easy to add juice on top of, instead of replacing, other sources of nourishment— leading some people to have portion control issues. But a fresh juice now and then is good too!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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