Racing for slowpokes

So, have you ever struggled with this “this is hard, this sucks” vs. “i’m so glad i did that/didn’t quit” dichotomy? I do. And so does the hubs. . .

A little while ago, we ran a 5-k together. It was max’s first race. . . and it was in the evening, in tucson, in june. It was 5-k, but it was ROUGH— have you ever tried running when it’s HOT? He decided to sign up sort of on a whim— lemme ‘splain.

I’ve been running for a while— I don’t consider myself a “runner.” I ran a 10-k once. I run a few miles 3 or 4 times a week. I like to get out on the trails. But I’ve never been fast, and I’ve never been a competitive runner.

gettin' after it!
gettin’ after it!

I wanted to sign up for the race for a diversion— for some fun— and for a saturday night social activity that wasn’t centered around sitting on my ass, drinking, and eating junkfood (but don’t be fooled. I did those things afterwards). I sent max a text to let him know I was signing up and see if he’d come cheer me on, or if, on the off chance, he  wanted to run it too. As luck would have it, he was watching the x-men movie, and when he got the text on the way out, was in full-on hugh jackman idolization mode.

So we did it! We ran the Meet Me Downtown 5k. A 7PM race with a beer garden at the end! And a kid’s one-mile fun-run before! And our congressman as the official starter!

It was hot. We weren’t fast. But gosh darn it, we finished— thanks in part to the spectators with hoses!! And I finished in the top half for my age group, even though I slowed down to walk with the hubs for a few minutes 🙂

For me, this was a great example of an uncomfortable half-hour that was worth it for the sense of accomplishment and general bad-assery that followed! Plus, hot or not, it was fun. Races have a great go-get-em, you-go-girl atmosphere that makes me feel good and makes me want to run more! And not to get too far off the health-wagon, but a cold beer never tasted so good (after rehydrating properly first, of course!)

Sign up for a race! It doesn’t have to be a contest. . . think of it like a festival! DO IT!

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