Thoughts on Sweetness + Six ideas to control sugar

Things parents have said to me in the clinic when I’ve asked about their kids’ diet:-“Well they only drink clear soda, so there’s not sugar.”-“We only let him have have one of those per day” [points to 64-ounce cup].-“We don’t drink soda really, just juice. Like Hi-C.”YIKES.It’s been pretty well (and somewhat sensationally) explained that... Continue Reading →

Racing for slowpokes

So, have you ever struggled with this “this is hard, this sucks” vs. “i’m so glad i did that/didn’t quit” dichotomy? I do. And so does the hubs. . . A little while ago, we ran a 5-k together. It was max’s first race. . . and it was in the evening, in tucson, in... Continue Reading →

Team Smoothie!

Trendy? yeah. Totally awesome anyway? oooooh yeah. I prefer smoothies over juices. I’m not trying to stir up shit between the factions here, but I do have some reasons:You can actually get full drinking a smoothie. Maybe some hard-core juice people feel satisfied on juice alone, but most mere mortals just can’t.You eat all the fiber... Continue Reading →

Grill, meet veg.

What did YOU grill on the 4th? Ok, I probably should have posted this last week. I never said I was smart, beautiful, AND organized, ok? Jeez. It’s a long summer. There’s plenty of time to grill. We’ve all been there. . . oh, a boca burger! Or, a portobella mushroom? You shouldn’t have! Sigh.... Continue Reading →

Scientific progress: Does it really go boink?

I’m going to put on my scientist hat for a minute. Bear with me. Health information and misinformation is ubiquitous and highly confusing. Let’s look at why: The scientific literature generally means peer-reviewed journals that publish the results of studies, reviews of existing evidence, commentaries, and other work generally by academics and researchers, and sometimes... Continue Reading →

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