How NOT to read a scientific report

This gem of a headline turned up in my social media feeds today: Clinical trial reaffirms diet beverages play positive role in weight loss! OOOOK. GREAT example of a sensationalist headline telling people what they want to hear. Don’t get me wrong— I am not suggesting that the science wasn’t done properly. I’m talking about the way the... Continue Reading →

How do you fit it all in?

So this week is a busy week for me. I’m just getting settled in my new job, so I have some ongoing things like getting the right keys to my office, getting my different computer accounts actually working, figuring out who to ask about. . . well, anything. I’m also technically “off” from that job... Continue Reading →

On routines, cooking, and being ready.

“Mise en place forces cooks to account for every minute of their time and every moment,” as chef Dwayne Lipuma is quoted in a recent NPR article.First, what the enfer is mise en place? It’s french for “put in place”, and it’s a term used in cooking for the setup of ingredients and tools gathered... Continue Reading →

What’s for dinner?

Food Blog Roundup! There is no health topic more confounding and controversial than nutrition. People care, and they care a lot, but finding sensible and trustworthy information is a full-time job. Searching “diet” in books on amazon returns almost 100,000 hits. Doctors have their name on every kind of eating plan you can think of, from... Continue Reading →

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