what the *&$! should i eat?

Plant-based, or vegan, or paleo, or flexitarian, or VB6, or. . . Nutrition advice is, by and large, confusing. The recommendations vary widely depending on the source, and there are frequent studies on micro-aspects of diet, like particular micronutrients. There are always competing interests going on (we all know government guidelines aren’t free from industry... Continue Reading →

Adventures in training.

I have learned a lot training for this dinky little race. A little bit about running, sure, but also a lot about myself. So. I live in Tucson, and in the late summer the weather can be, well, changeable. So. This happened. But you know what? It was OK. I got wet. Really, totally, drenched,... Continue Reading →

Who’s selling health?

CVS made news a while back for announcing that it would stop selling tobacco products in its stores, and guess what? They're doing it! The company says they are shifting their focus more to focus on health, including the "MinuteClinics" in many of their stores. So, is CVS a company with a health-based mission? Are they... Continue Reading →

on running alone at sunrise.

until this week, i had not run on a track since i was a child. roads? yes. treadmill? yes. trails? yes. but tracks ? that seems like. . . i don't know, it's for runners. Like people who eat gu and wear compression socks and talk about negative splits. but now that i'm doing this training plan... Continue Reading →

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