on running alone at sunrise.

until this week, i had not run on a track since i was a child. roads? yes. treadmill? yes. trails? yes. but tracks ? that seems like. . . i don’t know, it’s for runners. Like people who eat gu and wear compression socks and talk about negative splits. but now that i’m doing this training plan (http://www.halhigdon.com/training/51097/8K-Intermediate-Training-Program) with Yam (https://zabbylogica.wordpress.com/2014/06/25/who-are-these-people-who-love-running/), I have to do. . . speed work? ok, i say, i can do a “tempo run”– that’s where you deliberately build speed to a faster-than-normal pace, basically, but what is this 400 repeats crap?  FUN, is what it is!  I found me a track:

high school track, holiday weekend, don’t mind if i do!

6 AM. Sun’s just up. It’s still cool-ish outside. I don’t see anyone else around. I can hear my breathing, and my footfalls, and it’s kinda . . . meditative. There’s a sense of being totally alone with myself, and almost isolated. I feel that way swimming, but I’ve never really felt it running before. there’s the repetition. the focus. the sense of just me.

Plus, running intervals makes a GPS pace chart look kinda like an EKG tracing:

if your EKG looks like this, call me, STAT.
if your EKG looks like this, call me, STAT.

So, maybe I’m becoming a “runner”, or maybe that was a myth all along. . .

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