Adventures in training.

I have learned a lot training for this dinky little race. A little bit about running, sure, but also a lot about myself. So. I live in Tucson, and in the late summer the weather can be, well, changeable. So. This happened.

it wasn’t raining when i left.

But you know what? It was OK. I got wet. Really, totally, drenched, like my underwear was soaked and my shoes still aren’t dry. But really, it was fine. It was just raining. It got me to thinking how much effort we spend avoiding things that we think are awful, or waiting for things to be perfect. Is the thing we’re dreading the end of the world? Does it really matter if things are just so? If I wasn’t training for a race, I would have looked at the questionable sky and said “eff it! this is bathrobe and coffee weather.” Then I would have continued to believe that getting caught in the rain would be awful, and that I couldn’t do it. If I had never fallen off my bike, I’d be scared to ride. If I’d never face-planted out of bhakasana, I’d still be teetering on my tiptoes. Part of this is learning to get over fear, but part of it is learning that it’s ok to be a little uncomfortable. Life is uncomfortable sometimes. . . especially on the road to somewhere awesome. Doing things that are uncomfortable on purpose— whether it’s running farther, getting up early, foam rolling your IT bands– can help us learn to endure discomfort that we have to go through. I know there are people who think this is crazy (I might be married to one such person), but I have seen this happen in myself and happen in others. I can train my legs to run farther, yes, but so too can I train my brain to endure.

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  1. Running is, if anything, a mental game with yourself. Having the mental willingness and endurance to keep going forward isn’t easy. Also, running in there rain is one of the best feelings because of just how ‘uncomfortable’ it really is. Makes you feel your run was worth it after all.

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