update, happy holidays, eat your veggies!

sorry to be MIA. i started this blog over the summer, about two weeks before i surprise-got a new job that takes a lot of my creative energy. now i’m studying for my PhD comps as well. so i’ll pretend this is a good way to share wisdom with you: sometimes, something has to give. it’s about prioritizing. i could say that i don’t have time to blog, but that would be wrong– i’m choosing instead to practice yoga, spend time with my family, walk the dog, study, do continuing education courses, and cook sunday dinner!

but don’t think i’ll leave you high and dry. a patient told me last week that he’d like to start managing his high cholesterol with diet– but he’d start after the holidays, because “come on doc!”. and, he’s right, but also not right. is this the hardest time of year to resist shitty habits? probably. so let’s dive head-first into the healthiest stuff we can find!

i leave you with this:



Shout out to Debbie, Adam, & CJ, the farmers in my life!
Shout out to Debbie, Adam, & CJ, the farmers in my life!


What's cookin, good lookin?

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