on showing up.

i got what i asked for for christmas this year: new running socks, and an annual pass to the yoga studio. then i went to a workshop at the studio called “articulate your aim”– where we wrote for a while, talked for a while, and did some kick-ass-asana. my aim? it started out as “show up”, but really what i mean by that is “practice presence.” so yes, show up, but REALLY show up. sometimes, getting my butt to wherever i’m going is enough. sometimes i can do more– BE there. not worry about tomorrow so much. i think ahead, and in a lot of ways that’s a good thing, until it isn’t. until it’s stopping me from being present.
so, 2015, here i am. i am present! are you?

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  1. I did a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction class two years ago. Helped me so much with even recognizing that being present is a helpful thing! And how to actually “be” present!

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