beyond “what to eat.”

I see so many articles about excactly what to eat to lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, be happier, find enlightenment. . . and it drives me crazy. there are not 5 secret foods that will change your life. no, ma’am. there’s more to it than that, yes?

it seems like the “what” is pretty well covered. but it can’t stop there. if you want to change how your body relates to food, let’s get to business!

when? are you waiting until 1:30 PM to eat and then wolfing the first thing you see (full disclosure: i have definitely done this). are you eating at 9 PM and going to bed feeling really full? are you eating becasue it’s “time” to eat? are you working out without fueling up first and then flagging after 10 minutes?

make it lovely!

where? are you eating at your desk, in your car, by the TV, in the breakroom, wherever there are free samples or candy dishes or. . . some place nice?

why? are you eating because you’re hungry, or because you are tired, bored, lonely, sad, celebrating, drunk, thirsty, or just being polite?


how? are you taking a moment to look at, smell, and taste your food? are you cooking? are you sitting down and finishing a bite before you start the next one? are you checking in with yourself before you go for seconds? are you plating your food in an appealing way, and feeling thankful?

(with) whom? do you have a friend, partner, or other person in your life who you might be unconciously mirroring? are you having dessert because everyone else is? or are you sharing meals with love?

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