on balance, and remembering why i love what i do.

why no posting here?

i started this blog last summer. i had gotten my nurse practitioner certification, but was still doing doctoral coursework. i was doing work in the research office, but i missed being with patients and thinking about the actual, ground-level health issues people face. i needed an outlet to focus my thoughts and keep myself real. something like three weeks later, i found an NP job– and a great one, in a lot of ways. i’m working as a primary care NP on a mobile health clinic, seeing patients in underserved parts of the city and surrounding areas. patients who see us make donations if they can, or not if they can’t. i treat everything from bug bites to strep throat to diabetes and do lots of screenings and preventive services.


this is great. it’s tiring sometimes, and frustrating sometimes, and i feel like i’m still sprinting up an almost vertical learning curve. i think it’s finally flattening out– a little!  and i couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity to combine service and learning, while also getting paid.

but the poor blog! and with it, my tool for focusing on the discussions around health, wellness, diet, exercise, and science literacy. now that i have my np-feet under me a little better, i can– and need to!– give more time to the ideas that drew me into this field in the first place.

veggies, not viagra! miles, not metformin! cabbage, not CABG! can i get back into the groove here? i’d love to try. come along for the ride?

What's cookin, good lookin?

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