Healthy Eating Fallacies

There are several kinds of imperfect food choices— three I’ve counted here. Some of ‘em are great (#worthit!) and some of ‘em are unfortunate. #1). There’s the “I don’t care, this shit is delicious!” This one is a-ok with me. . . some food is meant to be enjoyed without a second thought. #2). There’s the “I know what I want to choose, but for some reason cannot/am not.” This one is kinda sad sometimes. It smells like good intentions, lack of planning, or self-sabotage. Then, there’s the bad one: #3). the “I think this is good for me! Go me!” This one makes me sad cry (for the chooser) and mad cry (at the food industry). It’s this third group that I’l looking at here.


I’m not out to be a killjoy— see #1 above! But if you are trying to do well, you need to know when you are maybe being misled.  Hope this helps!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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