welcome to the sunday smoothie!

smoothies. they’re trendy. they’re delicious. and depending on what you read, they are either the key to health, happiness, and the city, or they are why you’re fat. what?

here’s the thing: some smoothies are glorified milkshakes, and some are unbeatable nutritional powerhouses. and if you go to the juice bar, they’re probably six dollars (at least), and possibly contain frozen yogurt, juice from concentrate, and other sneaky sugar bombs (?).

do you have a blender? good news! i’m going to show you some of my favorite concoctions, starting with a great smoothie i made this week. this one has a lot of protein and not as much sugar, making it a great choice to keep you going all morning. Ready?

Berry protein smoothie recipe


  • no, you don’t need a cadillac blender to make smoothies. if you make them a lot though, you might like it! i have a basic two-speed vitamix, but you could do it in a ninja or nutribullet, too (or a blendtec if you are in the money). even your standard oster will handle this stuff, you just might need to blend a little longer and make sure you add enough liquid.
  • one of the things I love about this one is that it’sย not a milkshake. it’s really not sweet at all. the creaminess comes from the tofu rather than from bananas or yogurt. if you need a little more sweetness, you could add a few dates or other fruit. if you’re in the mood, you could even add some cocoa powder or cacao nibs.
  • any kind of tofu will work– even extra-firm is soft enough for your blender to handle it, so use whatever you have!
  • it’s an art, not a science. max likes his smoothies thick enough to eat with a fork; i like mine a little lighter. you can fiddle around until you get it just right.
  • i like to use frozen fruit. it ups the thick and frosty factor. if you want to use fresh, add a little crushed ice before you hit blend.
  • i buy unsweetened almond milk. you can use any kind of milk. to keep the sugar in check, though, do try for unsweetened.
  • hemp seeds have lots of great nutritional benefits, and they add a little fat and protein. you could sub in some nuts, flax seeds, chia seeds, or leave ’em out.
  • what’s that on top? it’s granola. special treat. YUM. you might need a spoon at the end, but i have this amazing glass smoothie straw that usually does the trick!

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