sunday smoothie: chocolate fix

sometimes, you want to do something good for you body– you really do– but only something super-chocolaty will do. it can’t taste like wheatgrass. it can’t be “kinda good, actually.” it has to be the real deal– creamy, rich, a little sweet. . . and preferably won’t make you feel like crap. enter the chocoholic smoothie.

this one is rich, creamy, and satisfying– it’s a treat, and it’s got a little more fat that some others– that’s what makes it super satisfying. so enjoy it!

vegan chocolate smoothie recipe


  • My favorite way to use cacao nibs in a smoothie is to add them in the last 5 or 10 seconds of blending. That way, they add a little crunch to the smoothie– oddly satisfying and extremely delicious.
  • Frozen bananas are they key to creaminess. (Also, I always go back to that Mitch Hedberg joke. . . anyone else?)
  • This bad boy can handle a lot of spinach. Put in more than you think you should.
  • Coconut milk tastes like coconut (duh) and has a good portion of fat. If either of these things isn’t for you, then switch it up! Almond, soy, rice, hemp, oat. . . all good.

What's cookin, good lookin?

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