Sunday Smoothie: Summer Lovin’

It’s that time of year where it’s hard not to buy more fruit than you can possibly eat before it spoils. Everything looks good– and it’s ripe NOW. This week, I bought up an incredible bunch of juicy, sweet plums. They were great by themselves and on toast with almond butter, but this post-run smoothie was my favorite of the week!


  • Got peaches or nectarines? Sub or add. Any stone fruit would be delicious! You could really add fresh fruit, but I love the bright green color this smoothie retains if you skip the berries. . . they tend to turn it muddy.
  • Vanilla protein powder would kick this up a notch if you need some extra boost.
  • If you didn’t pre-freeze the bananas (this is my #1 overall smoothie tip!), try adding some ice to up the creaminess factor.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Smoothie: Summer Lovin’

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  1. What are you doing posting relevant, informative info about smoothies and nutrition at this hour? Only dregs and booze hounds are awake to read this. P..S. – Just kissing. P.P.S.- I’m a total booze hound and I read this. I might repost this on twitter as well.

  2. Indeed. Meant to type “Just kidding”, but kissing came out instead. Eh, kissing works too, I guess.

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