Love what you do, do what you love:

Yes, I am going to tell you a story about wellness that involves going on on a Monday night, drinking beer, and staying out too late. Ready?

It starts with a band. Do you know the Old 97’s? It’s OK, they’re actually not all that well known despite a long career with album after album of great songs and consistent touring. They’ve probably been book at your favorite medium-sized rock club/venue (9:30 club, Paradise, Trocadero back east, Rialto out here). They’ve been around since 1993 (!), and Rhett Miller, the lead singer, is now 45 (!!). But you’d never know it. And no, he doesn’t have a creepy portrait in the attic. He, (And Murray and Ken and Phil, I didn’t forget you!) just freakin’ love what they do. The’ve been playing together for over 20 years and instead of getting bored or stale or fighting, they’re just having a freaking great time playing shows. They bounce around a joke and belt and shred and this is all on a Monday night at tiny Club Congress in Tucson, just the same or better as they do it a bigger venues on hipper nights.

So I went to this show on the aforementioned Monday night, which, if you know me and my general affection for being in bed at 9 PM, is kind of a big deal. And yeah, it was fun and everything, like live shows are. But beyond that. . . it was oddly moving. In the way that watching someone who is not only a complete master, but who also is in love with their craft is.

So, duh, we can’t all be rockstars. I, actually, would probably hate being a rock star because I don’t like crowds or noise or staying out late, except for once in a while. But the point is, you can tell when someone does something they love. There’s magic there. We all have something that turns us on, and we should do more of it. It doesn’t have to be your job (but it’s awesome when it is). You just need more of it in your life, whatever it is. Be totally into something. Don’t be cool about it. And make it a a priority to have it in your life whenever possible.

be a dork.
be a dork.

Now go do it. Bye!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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