Rx: Vacation. Stat.

Did you take a vacation this summer? How about last year? Did you really go on vacation, or were you checking email on the beach (oops). Were you relaxing, or were you feeling guilty? (yup, that too).

How did it get so hard to actually take a real vacation from work? Where is this coming from? It’s not like this everywhere, you know– the world won’t come grinding to a halt if we take a short, planned, and total break. I think it comes from a combination of workplace culture and career anxiety. And you know where it’s really rampant? Healthcare. We don’t even want to stay home when we’re sick.

This is total BS. You can’t pour from an empty cup, you need a full charge to give a jump start, etc. Healthcare peeps know this. We know about burnout and compassion fatigue, too. We preach the gospel of self-care and stress management. But then. . .  we freeze up. So here’s the rx: someone will cover for you for a week. You won’t check work email– you’ll have an out-of-office message up. You won’t respond to phone calls– someone else will be designated to handle urgent matters. You won’t feel bad about it, because you are entitled to vacation and there are systems in place to cope with your absence*. You will spend this week doing something that makes you smile just thinking about it.

me? i went on a road trip with my sweetie, slept in a cedar cabin, cooked on a fire, kayaked in caves, ran by the beach, drank wine, went to museums, and ate at fancy vegan restaurants. and, ok, i checked my email a few times. . . but i’m working on that!

*sometimes you have to build these systems. . . but it’s worth it!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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