resolutions, shmesolutions.

I’m not making any. Here’s why: I’m the kind of person who follows through. To a fault. If I said I was going to yoga, I’m going— even if I’m too tired, I’m missing a deadline, my partner needs me at home, I went yesterday, and my favorite teacher is on vacation. My commitment to do something can override all the other factors that might make it a bad idea. In a nutshell, I have trouble letting go of a plan that’s no longer the best plan. It fills me with anxiety and guilt. That’s not cute.

So clearly, I don’t need an external, public, sense of accountability to make changes in my life. I don’t need a rule. I probably need fewer rules, honestly.  I can maybe set some intentions. Foci. Practices. But there’s no reason to make them year-long undertakings.

That said, I DO like the new year as a time to reflect on changes, accomplishments, milestones, and baby steps that have happened. It can be a chance to honor yourself for what you’ve done and look ahead for what you want. These things, in a spirit of kindness and in a mind of opportunity, can give meaning and direction. And those are things I, at least, could always use more of!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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