Plague-cations, pandemic perambulations. . .

You can’t do the thing you wanted to do (thanks, COVID). It’s a bummer. Lots of things are bummers these days. But. . . what might not have been on your agenda before that you now have time and space for? For Max and me, it was driving down to San Diego and meandering back up the coast. We wanted to see my parents in SoCal— and normally, we’d fly. But with flying not seeming safe, why not take the dog, pack up the Subaru, and make an adventure out of it? We crashed in a sleeping loft  in an old barn in Sonoma on the way down. We sat outside with family every night, eating homecooked meals and drinking wine and laughing while our dogs played together. We swam in the ocean and read books in the sun. Then we drove up winding cliffside roads sandwiched between beaches and forests on the way home. We breathed the freshest air, looked up in awe at the redwoods we’d both always wanted to see but never discussed, and put our toes in the pacific ocean everywhere from Del Mar to Eureka. It was the trip we’d overlooked for years, when plane tickets and passports were possible.

There’s something to learn here about expectations, and appreciating things that are right under your nose, and being willing to pivot when things don’t go your way. Something about not choosing our circumstances but choosing our actions. And stuff.

Did you take a plague-cation?

What's cookin, good lookin?

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