How to boost energy and stop feeling so drained

When December sets in, I always start looking for ways to boost my energy. Between the lack of daylight, the end of semester crunch, and cold, I spend a decent amount of time thinking about my next nap. While it’s not bad to lean in to the hibernation instinct and slow down a little, sometimes what started out as “embracing the cozy” turns into “I’ll just wait until Spring”. I hate to break it to you*– but Spring is three + months away, and “waiting until Spring” means giving up on a quarter of your life.

Here’s the thing: it’s SO HARD to create new, healthy habits when you are already feeling drained (and show me someone who isn’t feeling a little drained this year). It’s easy to feel like all the advice– Train for a marathon! Cook all your meals from scratch! Volunteer!– is just too much. So rather than ask you (me) to launch some grand new plan, what if we just identified a few things that drain energy, and tweaked them?

Which energy vampire can you throw some sunlight on today?

*Let’s be honest: I write these things as much as advice for myself as advice for anyone else.

What's cookin, good lookin?

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