In with the new.

do you hear that? crickets. i hear it too.

has there really been nothing to say for the past few months? has it been smooth sailing, no news, no musings on health care, life, badassery, feminism, or running?

au contraire. the majority of musing now happens over at the flower power blog. and this, friends, is where the magic happens. you might have heard some rumblings of tension around my work life. certainly 2020 did its part to lay bare the fault lines in health care and education– the places where i’ve been employed for the past decade-plus. there has been shifting and shaking. it’s still shaking. it’s still shifting. and somewhere in this messy landscape, flower power health was born. the mission of flower power health is to provide evidence-based, holistic health support for everybody. our guiding principles are to be strengths-based, inclusive, body positive, and anti-oppression. i’m slowly rolling out the “what” for this amazing “why”– flower power will provide coaching, consulting, and education for individuals and organizations. if you’re curious to hear more of the backstory, read the manifesto!

adopting the mindset of building a business is a major change for someone who’s been employed in large organizations for so long. it’s exciting, but it’s also scary. i have had some days where i’ve been overcome with a wicked case of the what-ifs (what if i can’t find clients? what if i don’t know how to do something? what if i’m not as good at this as i think i’ll be. . . . etc). but i’m telling those what-ifs, lovingly, to f off. i’m taking one step at a time. some of the steps are tiny (i read something today!). some of them feel momentous (i have an LLC!). but they’re all awesome.

so, what i mean to say is, zabbylogica is still here; it’s still my personal blog, and the writing here, though perhaps infrequent, will remain candid, thoughtful, and sometimes a little sassy. the health and science information that’s been here sometimes will be over at flower power, and if you’re good, i might post some links here for the really good ones.

i’d LOVE to hear your thoughts, ideas, questions, and encouragement!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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