Aligning interests for maximum happiness, influence, and general winning at life

I’m notorious for chasing shiny objects. Mention a new idea and I’m listening. I’m getting another degree. I’m trying a new system. I’m into a new band. I’m running after that squirrel (ok, that one’s my dog, but still). This is fun, and it makes for a lot of random knowledge, but it also means I’m forever pulled in many directions at once. This is not only exhausting, it also impedes my ability to truly give my full attention to something.

So, I’m trying something new (ironically). I’m working to align my interests in healthcare, science, inclusivity, working closely with people one-on-one, and running at fitness. Instead of having five different projects populating my life, all of these things are pulling together in flower power health. Here, I’m coaching people to meet their own needs and reach their goals, as runners, as human beings, and as whoever they are today. I’m helping people navigate the ins and outs of healthcare. I’m creating spaces to accept all bodies while also taking the best care of them we can. When I look back, I can see these throughlines clearly (and you probably can too, if you look at my posts over time). So here goes nothing, full speed ahead.

Exciting, no? Here’s a peak at a recent article from the flower power blog, to give you an idea of how the stars are aligning.

Supporting people, meeting them where they’re at, brining my expertise in the form of healthcare and science, and integrating my experience as an everyday athlete– it feels damn good.

I’d love to hear what you think!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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