Hi, I’m Zabby.


I’m a  nurse practitioner, educator, and adventurer recently transplanted from Tucson’s desert to Portland’s forest. I hold a PhD (research doctorate) and DNP (clinical doctorate) both in nursing. I provide primary care with a focus on social justice in healthcare, transgender and gender-nonconforming care, and health empowerment. I also study the intersection of gender and cardiovascular health and teach future nurse practitioners about developing professional integrity and including advocacy as part of nursing practice.

What you WILL find on zabbylogica: My thoughts and experiences on health and wellness (I’m a nurse!), science, politics, and policy (I’m a nerd!), adventure, running, travel (I’m a nomad!).

What you WON’T find: Personal medical advice (please go see your healthcare provider– preferably an NP!).

A note on comments: I love conversation and debate. I do not tolerate misogyny, abuse, or other generally mean-spirited BS.

So learn, reflect, share your thoughts, then go outside and play!

What's cookin, good lookin?

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