who’s the expert?

It sucks to be sick. Full stop. A UTI sucks. Pneumonia sucks. Cancer sucks. People who have chronic illnesses, though, have an additional set of challenges to face. Some of these challenges are summed up in the idea of self-management, which is complex in and of itself. The definition of self-management that I like comes... Continue Reading →

Sound bite: Lifestyle measures

In medicine, "lifestyle measures"  is code for diet (DASH, or myplate) and exercise (20 minutes/day!) — not for sleep, for relationships, for stress management, meditation, personal growth. . . Can these things be taught in 15-minute office visits? How can we move away from  the sound-bite advice and into meaningful change?  

wanting to do vs. doing

I saw a patient recently who came in for knee pain. Fairly typically, he was a fifty-ish, smiling, slightly chubby guy who thought he was pretty healthy, felt ok, and never went to the doctor. As I like to do with people like this, I evaluated his knee pain and then suggested we look at... Continue Reading →

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