I was at a yoga workshop recently and the teacher talked for a little while about the idea of safety. I think someone asked if a particuar pose was safe, and she answered that no pose was “safe,” that yoga wasn’t “safe”, and that, honestly, there’s no such things as safe. Yoga can be dangerous.... Continue Reading →

Just do it.

I am good at mulling things over. This can be a good quality— it leads to introspection, self knowledge, and considered action. But it can also lead to paralysis, and talking yourself out of things, and second-guessing. So we all have a natual “set point” that we operate at— some people are impulsive, some people are... Continue Reading →

Routines and staying sane

Am I doing a “summer travel” series? I guess I am. I didn’t mean to!So I love adventure and diversion, but deep down, I’m a creature of habit. I can adapt, but if I’m gone for a while, it starts to wear on me. I miss the hubs. I miss the dog. I miss my... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday: Cut the crap— Namaste!

You know that idea that yogis are supposed to be serene and unflappable? That we meet everything with a peaceful “yogi smile” on our faces? Does it drive you crazy because that’s soooo not happening for you? I’ve come to two realizations about this: 1.   Almost no one is always like that, it comes and... Continue Reading →

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