Active Commuting Adventures

Since my recent relocation to Portland, my commute has changed. A lot. Instead of a mile to campus for teaching, or driving to different neighborhoods in Tucson for the mobile clinic, now I’m heading from NE Portland to Marquam hill most days. It’s no fun to drive, and parking is a non-starter. And I hate spending a lot of time driving in the city anyway. The trip takes a while, either way, so I have to make my commuting time count for more than just transportation. Those two-ish hours every day count against the 24 I’m allotted, no matter how you slice it. Is it coming out of my exercise time? My professional reading time? My sleep?!? So I’ve been testing out my commute options! So far, I’ve been. . . Continue reading

Bike riding for growunups

Or, how to bike to work without ruining your “look”.

Sometimes the best way to be active is to just build it in to the things you do. That way, if you don’t make it to the gym, or yoga, or whatever, you still used your muscles that day. If you do make it to the gym, you’re superman/woman. Superbeing? Let’s keep thinking on that one, shall we?

I have a hard time making myself do this sometimes, since I have such a cute car (Hi Andy the mini cooper!). And I live in Tucson— so it’s dynamite from October through April, and then. . . Dante comes to mind. (high today: 106?? low: 75???) But, when it comes down to it, it feels good. I get there clear-headed, fresh-aired, and feeling good about myself. And sweaty.


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