Just do it.

I am good at mulling things over. This can be a good quality— it leads to introspection, self knowledge, and considered action. But it can also lead to paralysis, and talking yourself out of things, and second-guessing. 

i don't know. maybe not.

i don’t know. maybe not.

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Mindful mondays: 3 ways to get un-stuck

Does it sound daunting to commit to something every day? It does to me, sometimes. Especially when I get in a rut. You know, a daily-grind, feeling run-down, feeling sorry for myself rut. Ugh.  But think about it. . . that “rut” means I’m not committing to myself. It means I have my priorities out of whack. We get so used to saying “I don’t have time,” when really what we mean is “that’s not a high priority right now.” I bet I’m not the only one who accidentaly prioritizes an extra half hour of TV, every 5 minute facebook checks, or magazine reading over taking care of myself better.


I need a kick in the pants when that happens. A reminder, a mantra, an easy tool that doesn’t sound like work.

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