Sunday Smoothie: Summer Lovin’

It's that time of year where it's hard not to buy more fruit than you can possibly eat before it spoils. Everything looks good-- and it's ripe NOW. This week, I bought up an incredible bunch of juicy, sweet plums. They were great by themselves and on toast with almond butter, but this post-run smoothie was... Continue Reading →

sunday smoothie: chocolate fix

sometimes, you want to do something good for you body-- you really do-- but only something super-chocolaty will do. it can't taste like wheatgrass. it can't be "kinda good, actually." it has to be the real deal-- creamy, rich, a little sweet. . . and preferably won't make you feel like crap. enter the chocoholic... Continue Reading →

welcome to the sunday smoothie!

smoothies. they're trendy. they're delicious. and depending on what you read, they are either the key to health, happiness, and the city, or they are why you're fat. what? here's the thing: some smoothies are glorified milkshakes, and some are unbeatable nutritional powerhouses. and if you go to the juice bar, they're probably six dollars... Continue Reading →

Team Smoothie!

Trendy? yeah. Totally awesome anyway? oooooh yeah. I prefer smoothies over juices. I’m not trying to stir up shit between the factions here, but I do have some reasons:You can actually get full drinking a smoothie. Maybe some hard-core juice people feel satisfied on juice alone, but most mere mortals just can’t.You eat all the fiber... Continue Reading →

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